Three Dental Implant Misconceptions Debunked

Many professionals will agree that a dental implant is the best oral restorative procedure today because of its convenience and long-lasting benefits. However, there are many notions about dental implants that scare people from trying this advanced dental technology. Some of these are wrong, however, as discussed below. Continue reading


How to Get Whiter Teeth in No Time

Everyone wants to have a set of whiter teeth, as confidently flaunted by celebrities and Hollywood stars. To achieve this, most people would look and do anything to get whiter teeth, from home treatments to visits to a cosmetic dentist, but among the many treatments available, which ones could really give you the best results? Continue reading

Dentist in Charlotte Offers General Treatments

Did worsening oral discomfort compel you to visit a local dentist for a quick checkup? Similar to most American adults, sporadic dental visits often result in an oral problem that requires fixing, especially if you can’t or don’t make time for regular dental check-ups. Despite knowing that oral health is more than just caring for your teeth, most adults fail to recognize the actual importance of general dentistry to their overall health.

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