Dentist in Charlotte Offers General Treatments

Did worsening oral discomfort compel you to visit a local dentist for a quick checkup? Similar to most American adults, sporadic dental visits often result in an oral problem that requires fixing, especially if you can’t or don’t make time for regular dental check-ups. Despite knowing that oral health is more than just caring for your teeth, most adults fail to recognize the actual importance of general dentistry to their overall health.

The American Dental Association (ADA) defined general dentistry as the complete diagnosis and treatment of different oral diseases and conditions including the maxillofacial areas of the mouth and other related parts. General dentists have earned degrees of DDS (doctor of dental surgery) and DMD (doctor of dental medicine) to effectively perform different dental procedures and monitor their effects on your long-term health.

During a dental exam, your mouth, head, and neck will be examined using different instruments. Specialized tests like X-rays may be used to help determine the appropriate treatment for your teeth, Which procedure is applied will vary based on your unique situation. Misaligned teeth and jaws usually require orthodontics, while a cracked tooth or tooth decay may be repaired by dental fillings. Major issues like gum disease may also require periodontal specialists who could elect to use surgery or laser technology.

Children and elders are provided with special treatment for their needs like complete dentures and pediatric dentistry. For a cost-effective visit, most dental practices in modern times will file the insurance claims for their patients as well as consult with them on what benefits are covered according to their unique plan.


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