Cosmetic Dentist in Charlotte, NC: Finding the Right Toothpaste

Any Charlotte, NC cosmetic dentist would tell you that regular brushing is essential to keep your teeth white and healthy. While there is much debate about whether you should prefer one brand of toothbrush over the other, the larger concern is if you are using the right toothpaste. The problem is that there isn’t a quick fix for this since a one-size-fits-all toothpaste does not exist. What you need to do is buy the one that would best suit your needs.

Look for the ADA Seal

Before a tube of toothpaste ends up in your home, it should go through many tests and studies to make sure that it is safe to use. The American Dental Association or ADA is in charge of conducting these tests to make sure that the toothpaste actually works as advertised before it is made available to the public. Look for the ADA seal of approval on boxes of toothpastes to make sure that what you use on your teeth meets the standards.


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