Your dental implants enhance more than just your looks

Tooth loss has become one of the most prevalent dental problems affecting American adults. Just because it’s common, however, doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly. The condition is more than just a cosmetic concern as permanently lost teeth can take a serious toll on an individual’s oral, digestive, and cognitive health.

Why chewing thoroughly is so important

Tooth loss is a major contributing factor to tooth decay and gum disease. When a person loses teeth, the discomfort causes him to chew less. Chewing less often results in reduced salivary secretion, a substance that contains enzymes necessary to regulate bacterial levels in the mouth. A dry mouth provides a perfect condition for plaque buildup on the enamel. This, along with inadequate oral hygiene, can soon pave the way for plaque to reach down below the gum line, destroying gum tissues and bone over time.


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