Debunking Myths about Teeth Whitening

Among numerous cosmetic dentistry procedures available, teeth whitening is a great option for those looking to make their smiles akin to those of Hollywood celebrities’. However, many are skeptical of proceeding with it. Some are afraid that they may be too young for the treatment, while others are concerned about its long-term effects on their dental health. Fortunately, talking to a cosmetic dentist can help clear out any confusion regarding teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening is only an option for people in their 30s. Though teeth whitening isn’t recommended for teenagers, those in their 20s are already suitable candidates for the procedure. This is because people in this age range already have a full set of adult teeth, which removes the risk of developing further dental problems after the procedure.

Teeth whitening ruins the enamel. While it’s true that long-term exposure to bleaching agents causes damage to the enamel, dentists ensure that your teeth wouldn’t be compromised when you’re undergoing the procedure.

Home teeth whitening is better than in-clinic treatments. Home teeth whitening kits may be great at first, but you’ll need to repeatedly apply them regularly, and they might not give you the results you’re after anyway. Also, the level of whitening agents found on these kits is significantly reduced, making it difficult for you to achieve your desired look. In the end, visiting a cosmetic dentist is the better choice, and this option almost always produces quicker and longer-lasting results.


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