Tooth Decay Prevention for Charlotte Children

Charlotte dentists who specialize in pediatric services treat cavities in children. In order to avoid such common dental problems, kids should reduce their daily consumption of food and drinks that are loaded with sugars. Parents should make sure that their children don’t eat a lot of sweets, such as pastries or drink soda and fruit punch.

The culprit in tooth decay is sugar, which is used by certain bacteria in metabolic processes that yield acid. The acid ultimately contributes to the disintegration of enamel on the surface of teeth. By understanding this process, parents can enforce healthy oral hygiene in their children. Kids should brush their teeth multiple times a day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride, a mineral that rebuilds and strengthens enamel. Additionally, it’s important for young ones to drink plenty of water in order to maintain normal levels of saliva inside the mouth. A dry mouth is more vulnerable to tooth decay as bacteria can directly attack the outer surface of teeth.

Charlotte dentists may also take preventive measures to reduce the risk of cavities and tooth decay in young patients. Sealants are thin physical barriers that are applied onto enamel in teeth that are most likely to undergo decay such as the molars. When applied correctly, sealants can effectively protect the teeth for years. During an annual checkup at a Charlotte dental practice, the sealants may be evaluated for any openings or cracks that can be easily fixed in a matter of minutes.


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