3 Tips from a Cosmetic Dentist on Revitalizing Your Pearly Whites

Facial wrinkles and sagging skin may be the most prominent signs of aging, but did you know that yellowing teeth can also be one of the most visible indicators that you’re getting older?
As you age, your enamel (the white outer surface of the teeth) gets thinner and the underlying dentin (yellowish tissue covered by the enamel) gets thicker. This gradual natural change would obviously result in the dentin’s color being more prominent on your teeth.

Of course, even young adults would have yellow teeth, and most of the time, it’s due to bad habits linked to oral health that stain the teeth or make the enamel thinner or stain the teeth. You might be smoking or drinking a lot of dark, acidic or alcoholic beverages like coffee, wine and tea, which could all tarnish the pearly white appearance of your teeth.


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