Implants are Safe for Diabetics

For many years dentists were reluctant to use implants as the means of tooth replacement for patients with diabetes due to the slow healing abilities and extremely high infections statistics. The Health Science Center conducted a study focused on periodontics and the body’s capability to accept metal or ceramic implants as anchors for artificial restorations.

The study shows that the success rate is nearly 100 percent, the same as with patients not affected by diabetes. The findings did not disclose any significant differences between the two groups, thus convincing the dentists to safely use implants as a beneficial method for replacing missing teeth, providing that additional two months of healing was implemented within the treatment plan.

Dental implants offered by the dental providers in Charlotte, NC allow the patients to obtain durable dental prosthetics with long-term prognosis. Dental implants can serve as anchors for partial or full dentures as well as crowns and bridges. Because of their superb stability and aesthetics, the patients are no longer required to wear removable appliances.

Most patients who exercise proper oral care at home are good candidates for the procedure, even those with diabetes, providing the disease is well controlled with medication and oral exams and cleanings are routinely performed. This method of treatment allows the dentist to closely monitor the progress and maintenance of the patient’s oral region. Should any discrepancies occur, they can be managed in a timely manner alleviating the possibility of any further health complications.


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