Root Canal Treatment; The Myths Revealed

There are several misconceptions about RCT, and most of them are not valid. Becoming educated about the procedure will put the patient’s mind at ease and help them understand how this valuable technique can save their teeth for a lifetime.

Myth #1 – The procedure is painful.

Most patient wait to see their dentist until they are experiencing severe toothaches. The sensation of pain comes from inflamed tissue inside the tooth. Root canal procedure relieves the pain, and it is performed using adequate amounts of anesthesia. Most root canals are completed with local anesthesia only and do not require more involved methods of desensitizing.

Myth #2 – An extraction is more effective then RCT.

The goal of performing a RCT is to save the tooth. Once it is removed, it can only be replaced by artificial dental prosthetics such as bridges, implants or dentures. An endodontic treatment is an effective method of keeping all natural dentition, and along with an appropriate restoration, it will remain useful long-term.

Myth #3 – Root canal is the source of illness.

RCT procedure removes the diseased tissue from the internal part of the tooth. Upon the completion, the canals are tightly sealed, and the tooth is protected with a crown. This method of treatment prevents the bacteria from harboring and causing any further inflammation or infections. Statistics show that there are more infectious incidences associated with tooth extractions then with Root Canal Therapies. It is a safe and extremely effective procedure that benefits patients of all ages.


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