Healthy Teeth: Reasons You Need to Visit a Dentist Every Six Months

You only visit your regular family physician every year for an annual physical or health checkup, so you may wonder why dental professionals recommend that you visit your dentist in Charlotte, NC every six months. These seem like routine appointments where not much is done except clean your teeth and wash your mouth, and then you may take great care of your teeth and gums at home. With this in mind, you may be thinking about putting off your oral hygiene exam for a few more months or even a year. While this may seem acceptable, it can be detrimental to your health in a number of ways.


Useful Facts about Dental Crowns According to Your Cosmetic Dentist

When your cosmetic dentist in Charlotte, NC, determines that one of your teeth is in need of a dental crown or cap restoration, you will be given two or more options of different materials that can be used to make the crown. Your cosmetic dentist can guide you through the decision-making process by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each of these materials.

Ceramic and Porcelain

Ceramic and porcelain crowns are a popular choice among patients receiving cosmetic dentistry treatments in Charlotte, NC. This is because the ceramic or porcelain is fused with metal to create a finished dental restoration that is both strong and aesthetically appealing. Your cosmetic dentist may recommend this type of a crown if it is one of your front or side teeth that need to be repaired. These crowns can be cast in a natural color that blends in with your other teeth.

Don’t Sweat It: What to Do If You Are Afraid of the Dentist?


Many adults and children are afraid of the dentist, and in some cases, this fear may be so significant that you may avoid going to the dentist altogether. Dental care is important for your overall oral health. It can also impact your general health and well-being, so it is not something that you want to do without. Overcoming your fear of the dentist is critical, and there are a few steps you can take to ease your concerns.

Schedule an initial consultation

One idea for easing fears of the dentist is to schedule an initial consultation. Through an initial consultation with a dentist, you can meet with the entire team and see the treatment rooms. You can even have procedures explained to you and look at different equipment that may be used.

Don’t Ruin a Romantic Date with These Tips from a Cosmetic Dentist


For most people, dates aren’t complete without sharing a glass of wine to cap off the evening. A glass of wine is good and all, until you find out that its red hue left its mark on your teeth. Nothing ruins a perfectly white smile than a glass of wine, yet having wine-stained teeth can easily be avoided with these helpful tips from a cosmetic dentist.

Brush your teeth before going out with your date

It’s something that all dentists are telling you do, and it’s one thing you should never forget to do when going out. Other than to give you fresher breath, brushing your teeth before going out can be your first line of defense against wine stains. Dentists explain that your teeth might still have plaque or tartar, which can be magnets for wine stains.