Cosmetic Dentistry and Solutions for Teeth Loss

Having lost one or multiple teeth can be a problem that causes discomfort. Fortunately, with advancements in the dental industry, there are many solutions offered by cosmetic dentists to remedy missing teeth.

Dental Bridges

Around 15 million American adults have bridges as a replacement for their teeth. Bridges fill in the gap left behind by a damaged or extracted tooth. An artificial tooth is custom made from porcelain and metal, and it is carefully fitted in the mouth. It is non-removable and can be cleaned and maintained like normal teeth.


It has been reported that about 35 million American adults are in need of dentures because they are missing multiple teeth on their upper and lower jaws. An impression is made of the patient’s mouth, and a set of sturdy artificial teeth are prepared and worn as an appliance. These teeth replacements are not fixed, so they can be removed anytime for cleaning.

Dental Implants

Reported to have a 98% success rate among patients, dental implants have become a popular choice among practitioners of cosmetic dentistry in Charlotte, NC and other cities. They are ideal for replacing one tooth or several missing teeth. In the first part of the treatment, an artificial root is skillfully embedded into the gums. After a healing period of several weeks, the fabricated artificial tooth will then be implanted, with the root holding it in place.

These are only some of the treatment options offered by experts in cosmetic dentistry. To find out if you’re eligible for having these procedures done as a remedy for missing teeth, consult with your dentist and learn how you can prepare.


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