Various Kinds of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

A cosmetic dentist is someone often mistakenly judged as merely being able to whiten teeth or make it look more aesthetically-pleasing. However, the scope of their skills and services certainly go beyond these simple procedures.

You may be surprised to find out that teeth reconstruction, veneer applications, and even implants are all under the purview of cosmetic dentistry. All of these procedures aim to improve your smile, but beyond that, these are also important to ensure proper functionality of your entire mouth. Here is a closer look at some of the procedures under cosmetic dentistry that provide major benefits to your oral health.

Composite Bonding

Tooth decay can get so problematic such that the only recourse left is to pull out the tooth. Your cosmetic dentist, however, would rather use that as a last resort, and so would try to salvage as much of the tooth as they possibly can.

With composite bonding, a composite material resembling the color of teeth enamel is applied and sculpted onto the area of decay after it’s been drilled out. With the decay taken out, the rest of the tooth can be preserved with the use of the bonding material.


Veneers are designed specifically to look like your teeth, so that they will blend in with your natural set. These should be perfect if you have a cracked tooth or damaged enamel, or even if you have gap issues between your teeth. It doesn’t take too long to apply, and the best part is that it’s a long-term oral care solution.

Dental Implants

Missing a tooth or teeth can cause a lot of problems down the line. This is why your dentist highly recommends replacing these missing teeth with implants. Artificial though they may be, they are made to function just as well as your natural teeth. In some ways, they are better, too, because they are not vulnerable to decays and damage like natural teeth.


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