The Importance of Dentists for Children

It’s never too early for your child to learn about good oral hygiene practices. Even from infancy, oral health is already important for your child’s physical growth and development. This is especially crucial once your baby starts teething, usually around their sixth month, as this can cause a lot of discomfort for them.

Dealing with Baby Teeth

Once the baby teeth start erupting, expect the baby to undergo a lot of stress. Pay attention to symptoms such as increased drooling, restlessness and fussiness, and in some cases, even the occasional fever. There’s not much to do except to wait it out, but once the baby teeth come out, make sure to keep them clean as well.

The ideal approach to this is to wipe them with a soft gauze or washcloth. There’s no need to use any toothpaste or cleaning agent for them in the meantime, because their gums and teeth are still developing. You can get them started in using a small amount of toothpaste later on when they are bigger and are already well-versed in the rudiments of brushing teeth.

When to Visit a Dentist

The correct answer to this is as soon as your child gets teeth, although it’s also pretty common for parents to wait until the child turns one or two years old. For babies and children, a visit to the dentist should be preventive more than anything else. Eventually, they’ll grow out their milk teeth and get their permanent teeth, but that won’t be anytime too soon. Still, it should help to visit the dentist regularly as early as possible so that they will get used to it as a healthy habit.


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